Ralph Lauren’s Past

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Ralph Lauren is a fashion designer who was born in good old NYC.  He’s currently the leader of a multinational corporation that sells clothes.  He started out in the early 60’s, attending Baruch college, and deciding to leave in order to join the military only 2 years in.  He served the country for two years after joining the army and went off and on with numerous sales jobs.  Lauren was quite creative, but his bosses suppressed his ideas instead of allowing him to “go for it” or give it a shot.  So, he quit!  He walked right out and started his own company, making ties.

Ralph Lauren‘s ties were handmade by him, to his own specifications, and he sold them under the newly created Polo brand name.  Much like other famed celebrities who started from nothing, Lauren expanded his line to include all different types of clothing and soon gained tremendous popularity.  With the increasing brand recognition, Lauren won awards for his masterpieces and began to further build his brand by creating and marketing the polo logo.

In continuing to expand, Lauren outgrew his small building and moved to the Gertrude Rhinelander Waldo House, a famous building on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, NY, which is now officially considered a national landmark.  Who knew someone could have such a big effect in such a short period.  The next major step for the fashion entrepreneur came in 1997 when Lauren launched an initial public offering (IPO) for the Ralph Lauren brand.  The NYSE lit up trading for the new RL stock and the market jumped, pulling in large sums of capital for Lauren to invest into expanding his empire further.

Ten years later, there were more than 30 locations in the US, covering New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Florida, and a few other states (in no particular order), in major cities.

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Brand New Styles Are In

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The New Styles for 2016 have been added in to our main collection, and the 2015 are now on sale at up to 50% off the listed price.  RRL & CO handbags were $595, now $389.99.  Limited Edition Denim Jackets were $690, but are now $459.99.  Polo is taking up the majority of the sales space, so you’re in luck.

Free shipping is available with code DAD16 for Father’s Day and gift boxes are free!

For the kids, take 25% of children’s and baby styles with the code KIDS25!

Good luck – shop away!

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Ralph Lauren’s New Fragrances

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Welcome to Ralph Lauren’s newest fragrance collection:

  • Portrait of New York
  • Riviera Dream
  • A Legacy of English Elegance
  • Song of America
  • Treasures of Safari

These represent a perfect blend of ingredients to bring out a captivating scent that commits to memory.

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Clothing sales

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Clothing sales

Buying clothes is always a treat, but if you buy your clothes and save money, you get even more for your dollar. Clothing sales are a good way to keep your wardrobe full of fresh and fashionable garments while keeping your spending under control. Sales can, however, be tricky, and it is important to understand a few important tips about how the fashion stores work and think and how to be one step ahead. Stores want you to spend as much money as possible, of course, but your job is to be a good student and understand the way a typical store works so you can score.
One of the main things to understand and keep an eye out are the sales cycles. Stores, in general, like to keep their garment on the shopping floor for about six to eight weeks to attract buyers who are willing to pay the top dollar price. If you are not among these, you will gladly wait out this period, and the garments you want are put on sale. abordando_cliente_560x373Shopping space is expensive, and business has to cycle the goods from time to time to achieve the best price possible. It is why they cannot afford to keep the out of fashion pieces in the store for a long time, and these are put on sale. This is your time to act and snap up the clothes you need.
Since many people visit the malls on weekends, when they are not at work, businesses understand that the sales will be higher then and keep the prices relatively high. A savvy shopper will visit the stores on a Thursday when old merchandise is being priced down and new one offered. Thursday’s shopping will provide not only good prices but the best selection of garments, too.
shopping-with-friendsDo not hesitate to ask the employees about the specific garment you like, but you just cannot find the right size. There is a good chance that a store across town has the piece you need in the right size, and they will be glad to sell it, even to deliver it to your home. Ask around and you will not leave the store empty handed.
One of the best shopping strategies for clothing sales is to buy the end of the season. You will be able to get excellent deals on summer clothing when shopping in September, or buying winter coats in February. This way, you will still have a bit of time to wear your new clothes before your break out your next season clothes, saving a good bit of money at the same time.
43627_shutterstock-88374013_300x0On the other hand, there are certain periods of the year when some merchandise is not to be shopped, like buying jewelry just before Christmas time, when the prices are at their highest. Also, some clothing items will never be on sale, like high-end designer shoes and other accessories. Sometimes knowing when not to buy is more important the knowing the right time to buy.

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